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10 Cute Cat Squishmallows You Can’t Help But Cuddle

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Who can resist a super-cute, lovable toy made from soft and squishy marshmallow-like material? In recent years, Squishmallows have gained tremendous popularity among kids as well as adults for their huggability, cuteness, and collectability. And cat lovers are no exception, with cat Squishmallows being the favorites of many Squishmallow fans. 

You can find just about any type of cat Squishmallow to cuddle with, play with or collect – and you don’t have to feed it or change its litter box! But you may have to do some searching and pay a pretty penny to find certain high-demand Squishmallow cats that are sold out or rare collector’s items. Here’s what to know about cat Squishmallow plush toys, plus of our 10 favorites.

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What Is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are plush, squishy round toys that are designed to be cuddly, soft, and huggable. The Squishmallows collection has a variety of adorable characters, all with their own characteristics. Each one comes with a unique cat Squishmallow name and bio written on the tag describing their personality and backstory. These fun stuffed toys come in a range of sizes, colors, and animal types. So how many Squishmallows are there? Believe it or not, there are over 1,000 different Squishmallows, with new characters constantly being created, so you’ll never run out of options for your collection!

Kelly Toys Holdings launched Squishmallows in 2017. By early 2020, the company had sold a whopping 50 million Squishmallows. They continued to gain popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with the help of social media influencers. In October 2021, the company announced it had surpassed 100 million units sold, making Squishmallows one of the most popular toys on the market. 

So why are Squishmallows so popular? First of all, they’re adorable. Kids and adults love the soft, huggable nature of Squishmallows. And they’re fun to collect! Squishmallows come in a wide variety of cute, unique designs, ranging from animals to fantasy creatures and even food items. They’re made of ultra-soft polyester and spandex, which is durable and easy to clean. Cat Squishmallows can be played with, decorated, dressed up, or used as cuddle buddies and stress relievers. And giant cat Squishmallows can even be used as pillows. Collections of Squishmallows also make for fun home or office decor displayed on a desk or bookshelf. 

10 Best Cat Squishmallow Plush Toys 

Here are 10 purrfect kitty Squishmallows for feline fans to consider.

Cam the Cat Squishmallow

This is one of the most popular Squishmallow cats and a fan favorite of the collection. Also known as Cameron, he is an adorable Calico cat Squishmallow with brown and black patches. Cam the Cat is fun, playful, and always up for an adventure! He loves going to the beach, building forts with his friends, and taking cat naps. Whether you’re an avid collector or new to the scene, Cameron the Cat Squishmallow is a must-have. Cam is also available in other versions as well, such as an adorable Christmas cat Squishmallow.

Felton The Siamese Cat Squishmallow

Felton is a lovable female grey cat Squishmallow with blue eyes and an adorable little face – and she’s got a sweet tooth! Felton loves fruity treats and anything sweet. She’s training to become a pastry chef and her specialty dessert is fruit tarts. But don’t worry, she bakes with organic and seasonal fruits so her desserts are guilt-free!

Lizette The Caticorn Squishmallow

Meet Lizette, a cheerful caticorn! She’s a beautiful hot pink Squishmallow with bright rainbow accents and a colorful pom behind her horn. Lizette’s grandmother is an avid traveler and regularly sends home exciting packages with souvenirs from her adventures. In fact, this sweet cat Squishmallow would be the perfect travel buddy to take on your own excursions!

Hello Kitty Squishmallow

Hello Kitty fans, meet the must-have member of any Squishmallows Squad. This Squishmallow is designed to look like the iconic Hello Kitty herself, adorned with a pink bow and pink shorts. The Hello Kitty Squishmallow is sweet, cheerful, and loves her family. She also adores baking cookies, reading, and listening to music – and she’s highly approved by Hello Kitty fans, according to the customer reviews.

Disney Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Squishmallow

The Cheshire Cat is one of the main characters in the 1951 Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland. He’s mischievous and unpredictable, and wears a permanent grin on his face. The Cheshire Cat is a guide for Alice throughout her adventures in Wonderland, and this Cheshire Cat Squishmallow can be your cutest companion – just don’t let his mischievous nature get you into trouble!

Tahoe the Tortoiseshell Cat Squishmallow 

No mountain is too big for this Squishmallow cat. Tahoe starts off every morning with a five-mile bike ride to the tallest hill that overlooks the whole neighborhood! If you love to hike, climb, or ride bikes, this might be your favorite new kitty pal. Tahoe is a beautiful calico cat with orange and brown markings that is looking for a buddy that can keep up!

Corinna the Lemon Cat Squishmallow

She may be dressed in a lemon costume, but Corinna the Cat Squishmallow is seriously sweet, not sour! Corinna has a vivid imagination and loves looking up at the clouds and creating her own adventures. She’ll totally brighten any day in her cheerful fruit getup.

Calio the Halloween Cat Squishmallow

Nothing represents Spooky Season better than black cats and pumpkins. This festive toy features Calio, a black Halloween cat Squishmallow, all decked out in the sweetest pumpkin costume. Calio is ready for trick-or-treating and can’t wait to collect tons of chocolate candy – her favorite! She could be a perfect addition to your Halloween decor as well as to your Squishmallow collection. 

Gigi the Tabby Cat Squishmallow

Gigi is an orange cat Squishmallow with soft peachy fur and dark orange stripes on her head and sides. She has dark eyes with cute black lashes and two whiskers on each side. If there’s one thing to say about Gigi, it’s that she is fast. And what’s her secret? Apple juice! Yes, she loves apple juice and can’t get enough of it, so take a sip yourself and see if you can keep up with her! 

Karina the Cat Squishmallow

Karina loves numbers. She is a super-smart kitty that excels in math and science and someday wants to be a computer scientist! Karina is a pretty Calico cat Squishmallow with a cream body, pink and gray patches, and a gray tail with a pink tip. She’d be a perfect snuggle buddy OR study buddy! 

Cat Squishmallow Buying Guide

Picking out the right Squishmallow cat isn’t too difficult and should be fun. Here are some tips for purchasing the best one for you or the Squishmallow fan in your life.

Think About What You’re Looking For in a Cat Squishmallow

First, see what options are available (many end up selling out) and which little lovable buddy draws your attention. Be sure to consider not only the appearance but also the bio of the Squishmallow cat to learn about its personality. That’s part of the fun! Also, these toys are spot clean only, so keep that in mind if you are looking to purchase a white or light-colored cat Squishmallow. 

Check Availability

Squishmallow cats can be purchased from numerous retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and even some grocery stores and pharmacies. 

Pick a Price Point

Cat Squishmallows are priced depending on their size and availability. There are several different sizes ranging from 3.5-inch clip-ons to 24-inch oversized options. But not all Squishmallows are available in all sizes; some may only come in one. For a mid-sized cat Squishmallow, you can expect to pay about $20-$25, as long as it’s not a limited edition or rare collector’s item. For rare cats, prices could reach into the hundreds and even thousands! One of the most expensive is the 500th Jack the Black Cat Squishmallow. As you can guess, this was the 500th Squishmallow to be created, and the company only made 500 of them total. 

Choose to Collect or Cuddle

Once you select your Squishmallow cat, and the size you want, decide whether you’ll be saving it as a collector’s item (keeping it in mint condition without removing the tag) or buying it as a cuddle buddy. Either way, Squishmallow cats are fun, loveable stuffies that also make for excellent gifts.


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